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Our Commitment

Fully Committed to Provide Superb Interpretation and Translation Services with Integrity and the
Highest Level of Professionalism

Quality Focus on Communication and Interpretation Services

Premium Language Services focuses on providing quality communication solutions for companies locally in Minnesota. We build bridges across long-standing language barriers between different nationalities and cultures with focus in helping Non-English speaking individuals to effectively communicate with our Minnesota-based clients. In such way, our communication and interpretation services create channels for business partnerships to be formed or for business and/or legal transactions to be smoothly carried out even across geographical borders and language differences.

Our Interpreters and Linguists

Our interpreters and translators are recruited through a diligent process and required to take part in ongoing trainings and professional development programs. We believe in creating a work force that is well compensated and at the same time held to a high level of professional standard.

Our sub contracted interpreters are fluent in English and the language they interpret. In addition, they are well equipped with medical and legal terminologies to ensure concise and effective communication. They have deep insight of cultures and etiquettes that further help foster understanding and bridge communication gaps between providers and people with low English proficiency.

We make the job of the providers very easy and bring comfort and confidence to their clients. Let us take your worries away about getting the word across with premium service that you can always rely on.

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[ 03-17-2015 ]

We will update our news and events section soon.
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[ 03-30-2015 ]

We will update our news and events section soon.
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